Monday, June 16, 2014


Sadie Lynn turned 8. 
We had a nice family party on her Birthday. 
Eight years old is an important Birthday.  It is a time when they can be baptized into the 
Sadie has been looking forward to this day for a little while.  Not just because of the beautiful white dress she has, but because she loves her Heavenly Father and Jesus.  
Her prayers are very sincere and she really 
is grateful for the beautiful world we have been given 
and she really wants to be like Jesus.

Her baptism day was amazing! She told the Bishop that she feels like her purpose on earth is to spread Joy to everyone around her.
If you have spent much time around her, you may notice that she gives lots of hugs and with share a flower from our garden whenever she can, draws a picture for you or wants to give you something before you leave. 
She loves her friends like they are family and she loves her cousins like they are her brothers and sisters.
She beamed the whole day and greeted everyone who came to her baptism with a hug!
Keno and I have always felt that having a daughter is a gift. 

She adds a special dynamic to our family and we are blessed with Sadie's: artwork, drama, laughter, smiles, hugs, simpleness, creativeness, love, pink, purple, horses, stuffed animals, bike rides, little boxes, bling, climbing trees, and the monkey bars.

We love you, Sadie, and are proud of who you are and all you do!!

Art Show

Maple Valley Days
Every year in June on the second weekend of the month, the City of Maple Valley has a fun community event. It begins with a parade and then the area around Lake Wilderness is opened up for fun rides, booths, and some community sponsored events.

They also hold a community art show. There is an area for the local elementary schools, high school and an adults showing as well.

'Alaskan Trail' and 'Colorado Aspen'
So...I entered my first show! Three pieces. The two together: Alaskan Trail (on the left) and Colorado Aspen (the right) and my Sun Flower.  The two on the top made it into the Juried part of the show.  That means that a judge looks at them and if they meet her standards then they are judged against all the other entries.  "Sun Flower" did not make it but was in the "Salon" or non-juried show. {I am learning so much...}

Sun Flower
I did not receive an award from the judge.  However, they do a people's choice award. When you vote for a piece you like, you also give a small monetary donation to be awarded to the winner. So Saturday afternoon, Maile, Amy, Bonnie, Mom, Leslie, and Cathy and I visited the show.  Without any persuasion from me, they all voted for my Alaskan trail painting.  So yes, I won the people choice award--tied with another artist--and won $16.50.  It was a nice compliment...even if many of the votes came from my own family.  

Thank you, you lovely bunch of ladies, for supporting my love of color through painting!!  

Monday, April 21, 2014

Eagle Project

Keno and Elder Bennett
An Eagle project for the Boy Scouts is a big thing. Young men can do an Eagle project once they are are a Star Scout. However, they usually do them between the ages of 14 and 18.  They have to have them done by the time they turn 18. It is must be something to benefit the community. There is an approval process from the Boy Scouts and then the work can begin. The project its self must be 40 man hours. That means the Scout plans it all out, and the day of the project they run it. If you have 20 people there and they work 2 hours, the 40 hours have been met.
My son Kameron had his project this past Saturday.
Aunt Cathy, Grandma Granger and Sharon 
He organized a day for people to come and make Pillow Cases for Mary Bridge Children's Hospital.
Each child receives a pillow for their stay. One lady who came said her daughter is at Mary Bridge and it really means a lot to the kids to get a pillow case. 
The pinning station

We were there from 10:00-3:30 and we made 168 pillow cases!
Many people are making them at home and they will be collected in a few days.
It was a great day! It was awesome that many people came and dedicated  their time for this great cause!
Thank you all!

Kameron thanks you, too!


Sadie pulled out our little pool the other day.  It was very nice outside! Near 70 degrees...and for April, that's VERY nice.  

So the pool is out and we had a dry spell of a couple of days. 
Then it rained from Tuesday night through Thursday.  

For those of you who pray for 'moisture' on the dry side of our state of Washington, this is the amount of water we get on this side of the mountains.

Just a little perspective for specific in your prayers...

Friday, April 11, 2014

Uncle Gerry- the Mountain Man

The Mountain Man--as he is known in his studio-Gerry Granger and his wife Sharon, 
came to the States for a visit. 

Keno's Uncle Gerry is a painter, oil painter that is.
He has been painting for about 20 years.
He went to his first class with some friends and never quit.
Turns out he is quite good ---and you know what? 
He has another talent, too.
He has enough patience to teach.
After about 3 years of learning he took on his first students and he never quit that, either.

He is very generous. He gave most of his paintings away.

I have really enjoyed getting to know them more and especially for the kids to 
know their {Great}Aunt and Uncle.
The best part is that he brought his paints with him to give all beginners a starter lesson!

Sadie and I had a great time with Gerry in Grandma and Grandpa Granger's garage.
We learned some simple techniques with a Monochromatic color scheme.

Sadie just asked if we could go to Uncle Gerry's home for another lesson! 
We'll work on that...

Thank you!!

Sadie's is pink and I did the blue.

Sharon and Gerry Granger

creative slump

This is my 7 year old...
always moving...tree climbing expert...princess at heart...creative monster!
She loves to paint, draw, sing, dance, play, brush hair and organize her stuff.

But THIS day it appears she is in a creative slump.
She {really} wants to sew and so I taught her a few simple
stitches. She has put together a simple pillow and a doll from kits.

She is wanting to make an apron.

We found some fabric,

and away she went.

And then I heard...Mom! can you help me?
This is what I saw when I came around the corner:

So she drew out her design and I found a button and off she went again. 
I love her independence!

Here are her creations {today}:


apron with a pocket.

She took the pictures herself, too!  

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fabulous Flowing Watercolors

Fabulous Flowing Watercolors is the title of my watercolor class I am taking. Cheryl Renee Long is my instructor. She has a unique and colorful touch to her paintings and I am really enjoying the time in class and the motivation to produce something for the next class. I would encourage you to go through her website and see the variety of her work.  Beautiful!

I have really enjoyed experimenting with different techniques and trying to push myself to go beyond my comfort zone.

Here are a few of my paintings:

Mountain Sunset

Wild Sweet Peas
Wise Old Tree

Daisy Exercise

Sunlit Daisy
Colorado Aspen